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Looking for a place to organize perfect Christmas Party for your colleagues and coworkers? Visit us in Zafishowani! 

Incoming Christmas and New Year is a great occasion to meet up with coworkers or business partners. During this festive season, we’d like to invite you to cinnamon and open fire scented Zafishowani restaurant, to organize your dream Christmas Part.
We organize events up to 100 people, in three, separate, adjoining rooms, available in the restaurant. Regardless the agenda and nature of the meeting, festive time in Poland, means traditional, Christmas food. Our offer includes three choices of the serving menu as well as the buffet option, in a variety of prices. The offer is complemented by the wide choice of wine, alcoholic beverages, and other drinks.
All details of the offer might be adjusted to the individual expectations of the event.
Interested? Contact us by email – and reserve your date!
Details of Christmas offer you can check here.