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On Thursday, 13th June, we invite you for the seasonal premiere of  new SUMMER MENU 2019.

Summer is here! Starting 13th June, let us invite you to try fresh and colorful menu in Zafishowani.
With new, summer cart you’ll discover fresh, suprised composition with cod and  salmon in the main role. Everything with balance of fresh herbs, aromatic vegetables and unusal relish.  Our well known flavors, like marinated herring and fried halibut won’t be missed as well.
Moreover, in this season we want to appreciate Culinary Herritage of Poland and traditional regional products from all over the country. Flavoured liquors (>>Nalewkarnia Longinus), honey spirits (>>Piasecki Destillery) and historical vodkas (>> Maurer Manufacture) will be available at the bar and appear in the menu. All Zafishowani Team wish you sunny and delicious summer!
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